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Glossary on Psychological and Spiritual Maturity

Psychology and spiritual life: understanding what is being talked about What is anxiety? Am I sad or depressed?  The doctor mentioned a bipolar disorder. What does that mean? Am I feeling anger, is it a symptom of an illness or just a bad temper?
To understand our psychological world, and the psychological world of others, the first thing is to know what we are talking about.

The present glossary of terms in psychology and spiritual life, seeks to help especially the non-experts to enter into these inseparable and fundamental dimensions to live happily. Many currents of psychology use the same words to refer to similar concepts, but the meanings do not always coincide. This resource is offered to better interpret the different arguments being discussed.   

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LGBT in modern science

The largest medical-scientific Review in Sexuality and Gender
The Mayer Report on Sexuality and Gender

It does not include moral or philosophical considerations. They present the scientific data, with particular attention to children and adolescents: scientists confirm that in this group, most of those who report attractions to the same sex will not experience it more in becoming adults. 
The following are some of the key findings:
Executive Summary pdf