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Coronavirus, good people to change the World

Coronavirus and the World After the Pandemic       Having seen the impact of the coronavirus on mental health, we now enter a hopeful future.

     "They return to a very different land." That was the headline on the return of three astronauts back to earth from the space station on Friday, April 17, 2020. They had been in space for over 200 days.

     For us, though, the "news" is uncertain: when will this new virus disappear? Will we return to "normality"? Will the world be better after this unique storm?

     Probably, from the month of May onwards, it would be possible to walk in the streets with fewer restrictions. It is not yet clear what the recommendations of the World Health Organization and governments are. In some places, the use of masks is mandatory in various means of transportation, airports, meetings of more than 10 people, elevators, etc...

     When traveling by air, a distance of maybe 2 meters between each person should be observed. Thi…

LGBT in modern science

The largest medical-scientific Review in Sexuality and Gender
The Mayer Report on Sexuality and Gender

It does not include moral or philosophical considerations. They present the scientific data, with particular attention to children and adolescents: scientists confirm that in this group, most of those who report attractions to the same sex will not experience it more in becoming adults. 
The following are some of the key findings:
Executive Summary pdf