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Coronavirus, good people to change the World

Coronavirus and the World After the Pandemic       Having seen the impact of the coronavirus on mental health, we now enter a hopeful future.

     "They return to a very different land." That was the headline on the return of three astronauts back to earth from the space station on Friday, April 17, 2020. They had been in space for over 200 days.

     For us, though, the "news" is uncertain: when will this new virus disappear? Will we return to "normality"? Will the world be better after this unique storm?

     Probably, from the month of May onwards, it would be possible to walk in the streets with fewer restrictions. It is not yet clear what the recommendations of the World Health Organization and governments are. In some places, the use of masks is mandatory in various means of transportation, airports, meetings of more than 10 people, elevators, etc...

     When traveling by air, a distance of maybe 2 meters between each person should be observed. Thi…
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Coronavirus,Tips for mental and spiritual health

Coronavirus: mental and spiritual health care "Please get out of the house and I'll pay the fine." After days or weeks of confinement, maybe some of us thought or said something similar... "left the group," you read in WhatsApp messages from time to time. Prolonged contact with the same people, feelings of fear, insecurity, boredom, etc. All these make us more irritable. Maybe, getting some sleep has even become a challenge and everything seems hazy.

It is estimated that millions of people will need specialized psychological help after these months. In this sense, there are greater risks for solitary elderly people, those with a history of mental illness, frontline health workers, people with learning disabilities, the poorest because of job insecurity and financial difficulties, prisoners, homeless people and refugees who tend to be socially marginalized.

Their morale will be vulnerable to ups and downs, not only those who are in economic dire straits towards…

Glossary on Psychological and Spiritual Maturity

Psychology and spiritual life: understanding what is being talked about What is anxiety? Am I sad or depressed?  The doctor mentioned a bipolar disorder. What does that mean? Am I feeling anger, is it a symptom of an illness or just a bad temper?
To understand our psychological world, and the psychological world of others, the first thing is to know what we are talking about.

The present glossary of terms in psychology and spiritual life, seeks to help especially the non-experts to enter into these inseparable and fundamental dimensions to live happily. Many currents of psychology use the same words to refer to similar concepts, but the meanings do not always coincide. This resource is offered to better interpret the different arguments being discussed.   

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Depression: what to say and what not to say

Depression and spiritual lifeSee also useful advice for the spiritual direction of the sick Things not to say in depression:You have to shake yourself out of it, you have to reactDon't just stand there thinking, have some funI mean, there are a lot of people who are worse off than youYou don't have to sit there feeling sorry for yourselfIt’s just your imaginationYou have to grow up, don't be the victimYou don't need anything extra to be happyYou don't look so bad. You look great!It's just a little stress. Little rest and a good tonic and it all goes awayThings aren't so bad, are they?You gotta get out more, you gotta have fun.You only need to find a woman (or man)You should have more sex, that's what’s missingDo as I do, when I'm a little down I take a nice hot bath and after that I feel like another personSmile and the world will smile backEveryone gets depressed sooner or laterThrow yourself into workBut you don't look depressedI think you…

Amazing Psychology of Celibacy

Benefits and challenges of Christian celibacy  Reflections on the celibacy of priests, religious and lay people  Wenceslao VialOriginal article in Spanish: Palabra, 679, Octubre 2018, pp. 54-57 Is celibacy still necessary in the Catholic Church? «What are you going to find here...? It depends on what you are looking for», I read at the entrance of an ancient temple. How useful is this consideration, open to surprise and amazement, at the crossroads of life! Christian celibacy, as a renunciation of marriage for the love of God, is a lifestyle that does not cease to attract many.
As healthy as other options, celibacy is a source of serenity, balance and happiness. Abundant scientific articles demonstrate that it allows affective and relational maturity, provided that it is chosen and lived in a human way. That is to say, whoever enters this path knows what he is looking for, he should do it freely, coherently and persuaded that his project is worthwhile and makes sense. When embarking o…

Abandoning Pornography in Four Steps

Happy life without the slavery of pornographyWenceslao Vial What Pornography Produces The visualization of images of sexual content permeates the brain.It can end up modifying neuronal dynamics and morphology. It leads easily to a behavioral addiction, in which the behavior takes control of voluntary activity, reducing autonomy, as in drug addiction, alcoholism, addiction to games, to the Internet, to risk or to compulsive spending. There is no room for a moderate or healthy use of pornography, which is always dangerous. The normal sexual stimuli are replaced by exaggerated and often violent stimuli, which feed the violence.Evolution of a vice What sometimes begins with play, curiosity or persuasion drags, with more or less complicity of the person, towards a slope in which vice and mental illness intertwine. In addition to the initial search for pleasure, there is an urgent need to act to reduce psychic anxiety or discomfort, and even pleasure is lost. When you reach addiction you need …

Male and Female He created Them

Towards a path of dialogue on the question of Gender theory in Education

Document in pdf
Facts. If they tell you that an apple is a banana, don't believe it. That's how a well-known news company has announced itself. Dialogue from science is psychologically sound. This is the dialogue sought by the Vatican document, dated February 2, 2019, published on June 10, 2019. 
Listening, reasoning and proposingare the three suggested notes for an attractive path to the truth.
Faced with the avalanche of children, especially adolescent girls, asking to delay puberty, it is appropriate to speak of an educational emergency, as the document does. The absence of dialogue has led to the imposition of incoherence. Laws copied from one country to another have shaped contradictory ideas. The choice of gender has been removed from the medical field, without taking into account that it is impossible: anyone who wants to change their biological sex, will have to be subjected for life to a continuous m…